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The Next Chapter

3.. 2.. 1..! Hello World!

Been wondering how to write an intro without making it another covid-19 address, but that seems to be virtually (pun not intended) impossible given where the world is now and where my world has come to as well.

So far I’ve been in the “fortunate” bucket throughout the quarantine, lockdown, shelter in place (call it what you will) - no infection, easy working from home life, zoom drinks.. so far, so good. However, as we were all settling into this temporary socially distant life, I have found myself stopping for the first time in a very long time (is forever a long time?). Needless to say if it wasn’t for the pandemic, I would have continued my streak of almost weekly visits at Berlin-Tegel and wouldn’t have achieved the PR of staying in Berlin for 5 months in a row (likely 1 or 1.5 months has been my best so far).

As they say, when one door closes - another one opens, so here I was opening the doors to the pandora box called self-reflection!

Day after day, as the pandemic unfolded, I’ve asked myself many questions :

  • Who am I really?

  • What am I doing here?

  • What am I contributing to this world?

  • Is that all I have?

  • Is that what I want?

  • What do I want?

  • What are my goals?

  • What do I need to do, experience, learn to grow?

You get the idea. Having more time on my hands not only created a nest for all the above mentioned mental conundrums, but also allowed for my curiosity and interests to resurface, and present themselves as new focal points of my daily meditations. Life and meaning, growth and creativity, health and longevity, business and politics, innovation and entrepreneurship -- all those areas started demanding more of my time and focus. In other words, I came out of the workaholic cave and got reminded the world outside of your day to day is pretty darn fascinating.

On a personal level, it has been one impactful change as it has led me to the decision to move on from the company I worked for a good few years. Thanks to its generosity I've been able to take part in the Entrepreneur in Residence Program, which allows alumni such as myself to dig deep into their curious minds to create new business ideas and build on them, which is what I would like to do with this initiative.

If you’re interested in tagging along as I explore the topics of personal growth, mental health, nutrition, habits, addiction, adaptability, leadership and management, future of work, corporate culture reframing as well as any other unexpected challenges businesses are facing today in this state of ever-changing new.. sorry.. NU normal:

Appreciate your time and attention, feedback and questions! DM me on socials or send an email to with your notes! Please and thank you.


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