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you’ve found the nu normal.


nu normal is a multidimensional space in which we are looking at the future of work trends more broadly. through the blog and the Virtually Possible Podcast we're exploring the European startup scene, talking to CEOs, founders and professionals about the domains in relation to the latest challenges and changes the world of work is facing. if you have interesting insights to share in this regard, reach out to be a guest on the pod! 

we are focusing the importance of perpetual growth on the personal, professional, as well as organizational level, sharing ideas for more enlightened leadership and best practices from those who have already taken steps into the right direction.


given Maria's extensive experience in the e-commerce and mobile gaming industry, we are also helping mobile businesses and gaming studios grow in this ever evolving ecosystem. if you need support with your growth operations, marketing or creative strategy - learn about our offer on the Mobile Growth Consultancy page.


welcome to the club!

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